Contrastive Research & Crosslinguistic Influence (Revised Edition), 陳俊光, 9789861471037, 文鶴 , 書局, 網路書店, 金石堂,

近年來22K與低薪成為年輕世代就業熱門關鍵字,傳統的成功定義成為遙不可及的夢想,如果你覺得自己一整天累得像狗一樣,你真是誤會大了,狗都沒你這麼累,人生是一場不斷冒險的旅程,還不趕快先惡補生存交戰閱讀指南,跳脫框框,能讓你的視野更開闊,夢想不遠,廢柴也能出頭天!從閱讀建立自我的價值觀,衝破魯蛇框架,走出自己人生的一片天。今天,在這兒跟各位推薦一本好書:Contrastive Research & Crosslinguistic Influence (Revised Edition)


Contrastive Research & Crosslinguistic Influence (Revised Edition),作者:陳俊光,出版社:文鶴,ISBN:9789861471037


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Contrastive Research & Crosslinguistic Influence (Revised Edition),作者:陳俊光,出版社:文鶴,ISBN:9789861471037

《Contrastive Research & Crosslinguistic Influence (Revised Edition)》

This book is an up-to-date introduction and guide to crosslinguistic studies and the field of second language learning and teaching(SLLT) related to Chinese and English. The first part of the book provides a scholarly and well-illustrated theoretical and historical background, which is essential in understanding the development of contrastive analysis and crosslinguistics influence on the teaching and learning of second languages. The second part of the book analyzes important syntactic patterns from various linguistics levels and comments on previous studies with new empirical data which come from qualitative as well as quantitative investigations...

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